Silicone Straws By KJA: Group of 6 Reusable Silicone And Stainless Straws For 30 oz Yeti

REDUCE YOUR WASTE AND SAVE MONEY: Would you use straws a great deal? Then you probably need to regularly purchase a new pack and waste money. You can now save money with the KJA silicone and stainless steel straws. They are washable and reusable so you’ll no more have to buy disposable straws. The straws come in a pack of 6 Big Silicone Straws (Approx 10 Inch Length / 0.35 Inner Diameter / 0.45 Outside Diameter) + 2 stainless straws for 30oz tumbler + 3 brushes + 1 storage pouch.

YOU’LL Will never need TO REPLACE THEM: And why can you? They are made with extra strong silicone and stainless steel respectively, so that they will never get ruined, ripped or broken. Utilize them for drinking both hot and cold drinks, wash them regularly and they will always be as good as new! Have a look and see on your own! The Big Straws are flexible and resistant so if the outlet of your tumbler lid is small, don’t be concerned just squeeze the straw and employ it.

CLEAN THEM EASILY AND THOROUGHLY: You would think that a straw would be so hard to clean! But, because of KJA, that this is a lie! The silicone and stainless straws could be cleaned very easily with the aid of the cleaning brushes that are contained in the bundle. After you wash them, store them in their protective pouch bag to keep them clean from dust. Make sure to wash these products carefully prior to the first use. Wash all of them with dish soapy plenty of water using cleaning brushes.

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SAFE For you personally You: Both the Silicone straws and also the stainless straws are made with food grade materials and they’re 100% safe for everybody that uses them. KJA has established these completely chemical-free straws, to ensure that even your kids can use them, so don’t hesitate to provide them these fun straws to drink from! Here at KJA we take our responsibility very seriously, and that’s obvious through the high quality from the reusable drinking straws. With KJA, you could have some peace of mind!

VIBRANT COLORS And glossy FINISH: Why get normal straws when you are able have these colorful and glossy ones? The silicone straws possess the most fun, vibrant colors and they will look wonderful in your drink! As for the stainless straws, they are sleek and shiny and they will add an elegant touch for your drink, 30oz glass, tumbler or bottle. Feel free to create some awesome smoothies, milkshakes, and other thicker drinks as you have the best wide silicone straws to enjoy thicker drinks.