Top 5 African Restaurants in the U.S.


The Divine African Restaurant in New York is an excellent choice for an authentic African meal. It opens at noon and closes at midnight, with later hours on Thursday and Sunday. The restaurant was founded by Godshelter, a Nigerian chef who graduated from the New York School of Culinary Arts. The menu features okra, eggplant, yams, and the occasional fish. The restaurant’s interior is modern, while the service is attentive but not too formal.

An African restaurant has many advantages, including accommodating dietary restrictions and quality eats. There are eight in New York City. This Guinean-Ivorian-owned restaurant specializes in Ivorian classics, like foto and attire. It also serves a range of soups. Whether vegan or gluten-free diner, you’ll find a tasty meal at the Foutou.

The upscale swanky Bar & Bistro, located near Gramercy Park in Manhattan, is a fantastic place for a tasty meal with a cultural twist. The owners, cousins Alhadji A. and Chekh Cisse, fuse traditional West African cuisine with French and Mediterranean techniques to create delectable gourmet dishes. In addition to African cuisine, the chefs offer French-Senegalese dishes, including sulukhu (fish in a peanut-and-okra sauce).

The seasonal menu at the Kaia Restaurant is inspired by the chef’s mother, Elize Hauptfleisch. Chophouse Dubai It is a contemporary take on African cuisine, made with high-quality fresh ingredients. Guests can choose from an All-Day menu, a lunch menu, or a Dinner menu. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can order the “Smileys” curry, a dish made of sheep’s head.

The Madiba Restaurant in Mott Haven, Connecticut, serves food from Ivory Coast and other West African countries. Try the traditional athieke (fried fish served on a bed of fermented manioc meal). Other items on the menu include Guinean leaf-based sauces and Senegalese peanut stew. The food is made daily, with meats marinated for several hours in lemon and spices.

The Madiba restaurant in New York City was named after Nelson Mandela, a former president of South Africa. It is modeled after illegal bars throughout the country during the Apartheid period. The menu pays tribute to South African cuisine but has a fusion of Indian influence. Madiba’s signature dishes include ostrich carpaccio and pap that soaks up the juices of boerewors, a traditional horseshoe bratwurst.

Nomad North African Restaurant is the premier African restaurant in New York, specializing in authentic North African dishes. Although the menu is vast, most dishes are Algerian and Moroccan. For special occasions or celebrations, this is the perfect location. Not only do you get a truly authentic African meal, but you can also hire the restaurant for a private party or corporate event. In addition to the Nomad North African Restaurant, Teranga Harlem also has a private room for private parties. The restaurant is located at 1280 Fifth Avenue, and it has a prestigious location for events.

Foods served at an African restaurant are healthy and delicious. African restaurants often serve vegetarian or vegan options. A typical West African meal includes starch dishes such as plantains, rice, kwanga, and yam. Staples such as fufu, banku, and kenkey, a starchy vegetable native to Ghana, are often served as a side dish alongside stews and grilled meat. Some dishes also include a side of collard greens.

Fouta Cafe offers traditional Senegalese and West African cuisines. Founded by the Diagne family in 1995, the restaurant is one of the oldest Senegalese restaurants in Dakar. The restaurant incorporates a mix of Rasta influences and traditional Senegalese cuisine. While few African restaurants serve appetizers, the restaurant offers dishes like nem legumes, and spring rolls brought from Vietnam in the 1950s. Other staples include lamb chops, suya, and yam stew.