Drilling Recorders

Laversab’s EDR laptop is well suited to companies who have developed an EDR computer software but have to have a higher efficiency pc to serve as wi-fi, distributed person interfaces. The Laversab Product 2860 can successfully website link rigsite personnel, which include rig administrators, rig crews, operators, geologists, mud loggers, directional arms, and underbalanced drilling functions (UBD) technicians. The Design 2860 EDR laptop was goal created to be used with a rig. An Enable/Disable key on the confront with the device controls the touchscreen for person input, along with the massive exhibit can make viewing key driller details and metrics effortless. Drilling Recorders protects rigsite personnel the pressure of examining small monitors and permits them to accomplish their responsibilities more successfully.

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Truck Mounted Computer

Vehicle Mounted Computer

Laversab customers rely on our truck-mounted computers for their reliability, ruggedness, and intuitive design. Laversab is ready to support our customers as their requirements change or if they have specific requests for their systems. Innovative design and placement of components may allow for the addition of customer-supplied data acquisition (DAQ) boards or application specific digitizer hardware. In many cases Laversab has been able to maintain or re-certify the Zone 2 approvals even with this custom hardware in place. Customized systems are delivered to the user with their software pre-loaded and all hardware tested and verified for functionality.

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EDR Computer

EDR Computer

A super EDR Laptop or computer must control the advanced network of computers, instruments, and checking gear that run all over a rig. The primary EDR personal computer screens the drilling operation and shows extensive drilling knowledge such as depth, angle and temperature. This info need to be stored and transmitted in genuine the perfect time to on-site and in-office staff. Having a large 19′ daylight viewable screen, ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 certifications, and wireless connectivity, the EDR Computer Model 2860 is definitely the perfect Digital Drilling Recorder laptop or computer to display screen your whole drilling paramaters.

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Laversab’s EDR Computer system is well matched to businesses who definitely have produced an EDR computer software but require a significant effectiveness personal computer to serve as wireless, distributed consumer interfaces. The Laversab Product 2860 can proficiently link rigsite personnel, including rig supervisors, rig crews, operators, geologists, mud loggers, directional hands, and underbalanced drilling functions (UBD) technicians.

The Design 2860 EDR pc was objective developed for use on the rig. An Enable/Disable important over the encounter on the device controls the touchscreen for person input, and also the large display will make viewing vital driller information and facts and metrics effortless. This protects rigsite staff the strain of looking at little screens and allows them to carry out their tasks extra effectively.

Fuji Mini-Mite 4 Inspection

The Fuji Mini Mite HVLP series is as good as the premier product series in Fuji — the Q Platinum Collection. They have the same features but for the noise reduction technology utilized on the Q series along with the speed control knob of the telescope together with Q5. It is noisy but costs less than the Q series.

The Fuji Mini-Mite 4, with its 4 fan turbine can produce 9 PSI of stress for atomization and an excellent finish. The pressure is good enough for viscous paint without much thinning.

All the sprayer system from Fuji include a typical 25-foot hose, so the turbine can be put away from your work area. And this is extremely much recommended as the overspray paint might be sucked from the filter, necessitating frequent cleaning.

Did I mentionthey have an excellent customer support?

Fuji Mini Mite 4 Features

Impact Type: Gravity / Bottom (Siphon) Feed
Pressure Rating: 9 PSI / Bar
Sprayer Type: HVLP
Air Cap: 1.3mm (supports 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5 mm)
Cup Capacity: 600 cc / 21-fl. Oz
Max Rate: GPH (gallon per hour)
Motor/Pump: 4 stage pump
Min/Max Fan Pattern: 1 — 15 inches from 8 inches distance.
Air Filter: Platinum Dual Filter #7224-2
Weight: 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg)3 Model of Fuji Mini Mite Platinum Series

There are 3 models of the Mini Mite series of Fuji Sprayer system: the Mini Mite 3 with 3 scooter fans, the Mini-Mite 4 with 4 turbine fans as well as the Mini-Mite 5 with 5 telescope lovers. Every one of the models also come in different packages that have distinct gun versions together with the turbine system.

What’s Different?

Included with Min Mite 5 is 5-for-5 Bonus Kit: 6′ Whip Hose, Wet Film Gauge, 19 computer Spray Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Kit with Lubricant, Extra Turbine Filter,”Always Measure” Booklet — Record your material preparation and outcomes.

What is 3 Phase, 4 Phase 5 Stage Motor

The 5-stage motor of the Mini Mite 5 model generates 9.5 PSI for finer atomization and increased end. The Mini Mite 4 model generates 9 PSI and Mini Mite 3 produces 6 PSI of pressure. The higher the pressure the more viscous substances could be sprayed with that.

The number”4″ in the title”Fuji Mini Mite 4 Platinum” stands for variety of fans the sprayer system turbine motor has. So Min-Mite 3 has three engine enthusiasts and also the Min-Mite 5 has five. A platform with more fans costs more. Aside from the price tag, what exactly does more fan mean to you?

First off more fans mean more pressure, as stated earlier. The 3-stage motor spins faster than the 4-stage motor along with the 4-stage motor spins faster than 5 stage and so forth. Faster rotation means more wear and tear tear, which means more breakdowns and much more cost for maintenance. It also means more downtime and potential business loss — loss of revenue.

Pressure Rating

More fans create more pressure and the rate at which you paint. The Min-Mite 3 produces 6 PSI, Min-Mite 4 generates 9 PSI and the Min-Mite 5, 9.5 PSI. At higher PSI the paint is atomized finer for more specialist finish and can spray viscous materials.

Typical Capabilities

Aside from the above-mentioned differences, there are several common features of the Mini-Mite series. The”Platinum” means it is the very best product in this kind of paint sprayer system from Fuji.

The three models have the Noise Reduction Covers (NRC) that lowers the noise made by the turbine.

Ambient air is entrained just from the trunk effectively eliminating any indirect Sound Paths. Air is drawn in through specially made’Finger Slots’ for optimum functionality.

Heat Dissipation Chamber

Turbines of the Sprayer System produce a good deal of warmth and it builds up in the turbine. Fuji Spray has designed a method that eliminates the excess heat by channeling it into the Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case. Hot air is dissipated evenly through the optimum surface area with 60 holes, there is no extra hiss or loud whistling sound. The result is a cooler working temperature and also a longer lifetime for the system compared to other regular systems.

Every one of the 3 versions of the Mini-Mite System support 3 distinct versions of spray guns. The three models of the spray guns are:

The”G” in the model means that the rifle is a gravity gun. Siphon fed T70 includes a cup capacity of 1 Quart (1000cc) and includes a 1.3mm Air Cap. The T75G is a gravity gun with a power of 0.63 Quart (600cc) and also comes with a 1.3mm Air Cap. Along with also the GXPC includes a capacity of 0.42 Quart (400cc) includes 1.4mm Air Cap.

The T-Model� delivers an improved spray pattern for exceptional performance. The new slick design is ergonomic and nicely balanced.

The G-XPC, T-Model — T70 and also the T-Model� — T75G non-bleed Gravity Spray Gun features an exclusive side Pattern Control Knob to adjust the Fan Size. The Fan Pattern is adjustable from 1″ to 15″ from 8″ distance.

Other Capabilities

They all come with a 25ft Hi-Flex Hose with Quick-Connect, Air Control Valve, User Manual, Viscosity Cup, Wrench, and Cleaning Brush. The machine runs on both 110-120 V and 220-240 V electricity.

Paint Type Supported

Paint Types: Most kinds of paints are supported such as Nitrocellulose lacquers, sealer, cellulose, acrylics, synthetics, polyurethane, stains, varnish, primers, water-based finishes, oil-based paints, urethanes, enamel, latex and a lot more. Please refer to the Air Cap Place Information to determine that which Cap size supports that type of paint.

Customer Satisfaction

If you take a look at the typical evaluation of this product, you will Know the customers who used the product proved very pleased with it. Most of the people adored the minimal overspray that they experienced when they went for latex. The results were great and this item turned out to be a massive time saver for them. The finish obtained was perfect. The instrument proved to be very valuable for the DIYers who were looking for a professional finish in their own work.

The hosepipe that comes with the system is elastic but a bit rigid Whenever you’re going to be doing any interior cottage function. The Fuji Mini Mite 5 Platinum flexible whip hose is your solution. The Whip hose is quite lightweight and flexible. It can twist and bend any sharp and difficult corner, making your gun far more maneuverable.

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It is created from glass fiber-reinforced polymer. This lightweight Substance requires the weight off your wrist allowing effortless maneuverability of the of this spray gun.

This extra length of 6 ft along with the provided 25 ft Allows for further cooling of the atmosphere as it travels a longer distance in the toaster. This often alleviates problems with rapid drying lacquers (and Latex House Paint) drying too quickly.

This particular whip hose is also compatible with other HVLP sprayer programs from other brands.

EDR computer

EDR computer

An ideal Electronic Drilling Recorder / EDR Personal computer ought to handle the advanced community of computers, instruments, and checking gear that run close to a rig. The key EDR pc screens the drilling operation and displays thorough drilling info for example depth, angle and temperature. This details must be stored and transmitted in actual time for you to on-site and in-office staff. By using a large 19� daylight viewable display screen, ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 certifications, and wireless connectivity, the Laversab Product 2860 could be the perfect Digital Drilling Recorder laptop or computer to show your entire drilling paramaters.

How you can Quicken Your Computer

Amongst by far the most critical points for pc buyers is definitely the pace of their laptop or computer to be a gradual laptop or computer is usually very aggravating. This is specifically the case if you are watching the cursor using treasured seconds or minutes though you hold out for a vital document or program to load up on your own monitor.

Just what exactly leads to this sluggish down and what are you able to do to hurry up your laptop or computer?

The fact is that desktops are normally staying attacked by viruses, malware and unintended software that retains replicating alone through the Web. The use of Antivirus scans is now essential when employing your laptop or computer to entry the internet.

However, it really is also imperative that you safeguard your laptop from malware and spyware, as this sort of program is in fact scanning essential information and facts on your own pc and sending it to unauthorised users.

A terrific way to safeguard your Computer system from viruses and malware would be to set up a firewall along with a safety filter. Should you get those people frustrating and regular pop ups on the monitor that refuse to disappear even though you cancel them there is certainly a true possibility that the pc continues to be contaminated. In this instance, it is advisable to right away clean up your pc, use malware or spyware detection software program which will support you discover any corrupted or destroyed files that needs to be removed from your personal computer. This can absolutely support accelerate your personal computer.

When you have installed anti virus software program and malware detection program in your Pc, it is crucial you frequently update these to ensure that they maintain shielding your laptop or computer and crucial knowledge data files.

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Another common reason for your computer system running slower than it utilized to may be the unnecessary storage of short term data files. Computer help‘s important to routinely delete momentary files, as this straightforward system is an simple means of helping to hasten your pc.

You will find some preferred working techniques like VISTA and VISTA Pro which can be identified to take in a good deal of computer system memory or RAM and except if the computer software is intelligently managed it might sluggish down lots of the operations in your computer system. Also, the online market place browser that you simply use may effect your personal computer pace and you simply can consider different kinds of browser to stop any glitches.

These straightforward remedies will help to speed up your laptop or computer and be certain a lot quicker processing. These steps will even safeguard your data and also your computer hardware and application.

Laversab Truck Mounted Computer systems

The ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 Laversab Product 2804 Pc is engineered to prosper in the toughest problems. Laversab’s vehicle-mounted desktops can stand up to harmful shock and vibration. Vehicle mounted computer typically involve panel mounts so they can be embedded inside the automobile and so are straightforward for an operator to use. The ATEX/IECEx Zone two Laversab Product 2804 Computer system has become suitable for this software, mainly because it is available with extensive ranging energy inputs of 9-36 VDC or 90-260 VAC. Regardless of the indoor or out of doors environment, the Model 2084 truck mounted laptop is equipped with high-speed wi-fi connectivity that enables on-site staff to complete their jobs successfully and proficiently.